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Development and Sustainability through the Operation of Oradea Intermodal Terminal

In a world that is constantly moving, efficiency and sustainability in freight transport become not just goals, but real necessities. Aware of this, at Routier European Transport (RET), we are proud to announce a significant step forward in our commitment to a greener and more connected future: winning the bid to operate the Oradea intermodal terminal for the next 10 years, in partnership with Cabooter Intermodal BV.

A Long-term Commitment

By signing this contract, we have taken on not just the management of this important node in the European transport network, but also a firm commitment towards development and efficiency. For the operation of the terminal during this period, together with our strategic partners, we have committed to paying the local authorities a rent of over 300,000 euros per year, plus VAT.

Additionally, we are also committing to an investment of approximately 2.5 million euros in the modernization of the terminal, with plans to improve the infrastructure, acquire state-of-the-art equipment, and implement ecological solutions that ensure efficient and sustainable operation.

Direct Benefits for Customers

What does this development mean for our customers? First, access to improved transport and logistics services, capable of meeting the growing needs of the market. The modernization of the Oradea terminal will allow us to connect Romania more efficiently with the rest of Europe, opening new horizons for freight transport. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability is stronger than ever, with the introduction of charging stations for electric trucks and other ecological solutions that contribute to a cleaner environment.

A Vision for the Future

This new achievement marks an important moment in our strategy for development and consolidation of our position in the logistics and transport market. „We are excited and ready to take on this extremely important responsibility,“ said Rareș Retegan, Managing Partner at Routier European Transport. „Winning this bid is not just a recognition of our expertise, but also a boost to continue innovation and investments in sustainable solutions that add value to the industry.“

In the following months, we will work closely with the local authorities and our strategic partners to ensure that all operations and planned developments proceed smoothly, with the goal of increasing efficiency and sustainability in freight transport.

Our vision is to build a robust logistics network that facilitates the mobility of goods between Eastern and Western Europe, thus supporting economic growth and European integration.