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ROUTIER is the transport company of the year 2022

The awards and applause we get from the market , from you – represent a certainty that we are on the right track and what we create value for your businesses.

In 2022, ROUTIER launched a management and development model adapted to the new decade, taking into consideration three benchmarks: the realities of the labor market, the increasingly specific needs of customers and the orientation towards digital and green business.

Our positioning “It’s Possible. In every way“ means performance achieved by truly understanding the needs of customers in the current context and developing personalized business models for each customer (even this means new routes, optimization of existing routes, the green component included in transport plans, scaling fast transport, digitization of communications or flexibility according to market changes).
The expansion to 600 trucks, the first electric trucks, our own green train and the new Netherlands  office are initiatives aimed at serving the above purposes.

We want and always wanted to be one step ahead of the realities so that clients‘ businesses are prepared and protected.

The development of ROUTIER is possible when our customers have that „peace of mind“ that all transport and logistics operations are in good hands.

Thank you all for this award!

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