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Descentralisation is the future of business

ROUTIER European Transport wants to be among the first companies in Romania to get rid of bosses

Decentralisation is the future of business.
At ROUTIER we have tested and experimented with decentralisation models, so we are ready for the next step: decentralisation.

We know it is a long process (3-5 years), but we want to be the first company in the transport sector to become decentralised.

Strategic decisions will remain with the executive management, but operations will be fully decentralised.

Decentralisation can be defined as a uniform and systematic distribution of authority to each level of management and further to teams. Under decentralisation, each employee working at different levels receives a share of authority. In other words, the hierarchical organisation becomes flat, with each employee receiving authority (defined by us as autonomy), which will be transformed at the individual level into responsibility.

Decentralisation can also be understood as an extension of delegation. By delegation, we multiply authority by two, whereas by decentralisation authority is multiplied by many, because systematic delegation takes place at each level, resulting in an even distribution of authority and responsibility. If delegation is limited to certain levels, then there will not be full decentralisation.

Especially today, because of the “shift” in post-pandemic work but also because of liberalisation and globalisation, there is a need for quick decisions and greater doses of responsibility.
And quick decisions can be made through decentralisation, because it offers greater flexibility and freedom of action. For ROUTIER customers, decentralisation leads to a transformation in the way teams think. Thus, there is a psychological transformation from ROUTIER employees to true customer employees, because each ROUTIER employee is responsible for the smooth running of the customer’s operations.

ROUTIER European Transport, based in Cluj but also in 3 other European countries, is one of the most dynamic transport companies in Romania, being one step ahead in implementing innovation, be it innovative thinking, technology or work psychology in the new century.