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Rareș Retegan about ROUTIER goal

I want to start with our goal, with the big step we intend to make.
We want to become the first European transport company, with 100% digitized planning. Also, we want to integrate the new green paradigm in our operations.

Even if ROUTIER letters are written everywhere and our quintessence is road oriented, we continue to invest in our own trains, which will cover all our customers needs.

We always had focused our minds to innovation, to the new technologies in our industry.

I am referring to the future of trucks, the electric truck and also, the artificial intelligence integration into shipping operations.

The wonderful part of these technologies is that they bring us a competitive market advantage, an advantage that is transferred to our customers. Further,  they will transfer the advantage to their customers and the circle closes. Green technologies, artificial intelligence and total digitalization of planning.”

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