Routier Transport

Anywhere. Anytime.
Any challenge.

Our vision

We are the first company in Europe with fully digitised planning systems that truly believes in innovation and adapting to the transport needs of the future.

ROUTIER’s vision is a more connected and greener world.

The strategy by which we pursue this vision is made up not only of ideas but also of clear steps.
We have invested in clean and efficient transport for our customers, with the first own train that provides green transportation.
We continuously invest in digitalisation, and are always one step ahead of the industry.

ROUTIER’s mission is to become a landmark in the European transport market, synonymous with excellence in providing solutions to any problem. The pace of change is fast today and our customers and employees need to feel safe with us.

Core values.

Our company builds on an impressive foundation of adaptability, client care and growth. Our four C Values guide our business every day and also ensure that we can do business tomorrow.



We invest in everything to get to the heart of our customers’ challenges and are always open and transparent in the way we work. Inside ROUTIER, we create a motivating, diverse and inclusive environment where our people enjoy working and having fun together.



We always invest in building trustful relationships – everything we do is with a long-term vision. Our dedication to quality and to be always with clients needs in our minds is the true cornerstone of our success.



Our care for people (clients and employee) means also care for the environment in which they live. We aim to be as sustainable as possible and every day we develop different solutions to protect and preserve our green world.



We never give up on seeking creative ways to solve tough problems. Creativity has made us agile, smart, and easy to do business with. We are the bringers of new ideas, new service options, and different ways of doing things.

Your goods are always
in good hands.
On the road and on
the shelves.

Your goods are always
in good hands.
On the road and on
the shelves.

Our facilities
at a glance

Routier European Transport, a company entirely privately owned, is present on the road transport and logistics market in Romania and Europe since the year 2006. We started initially as general merchandise transporter with complete trucks and developed throughout the time a series of services and logistics solutions, as answer to the demands of our clients and requirements of needs of the regional market.


Our own fleet presently consists of over 400 modern trucks with tarpaulin, completed by the subcontracted fleet, generally for periods of minimum 1 year, to serve our clients’ needs. The entire fleet that we operate is equipped with GPS equipment, ensuring the traceability of the merchandise all the way.


ROUTIER trucks are equipped with GPS for real-time location calculating ETA, which real time notifications to the planning department if the truck could be late, in order to find timely solutions. Our ERP is one of the most advanced platforms using artificial intelligence to integrate all business assets (trucks, locations, documents, partners, financial data and time).


We can offer storage space all over Europe, through our own and partners’ storage facilities. Owned storage space is located in Romania, Gilau, Cluj County, at the entrance on Highway A3, and it has a surface of 5000 square meters, for storage, 1300 locations for pallets, 700 mp cross-docking space, 5 hydraulic platforms, 1 platform for lateral loading, 12 meters of slab to slab height. The logistic terminal provides also 100 parching lots for trucks and 100 parching lots for tractor units, it is permanently under video surveillance, inside as well as outside, and it is equipped with the most efficient merchandise handling equipment.

All storage spaces benefit of cross docking on own platforms or belonging to third parties, local, regional or national distribution of packaging, labeling, co-packing, palletizing, deconsolidation and consolidation services for storage or transport, stock management, re-stocking, destruction of expired or hazardous goods


The operational and development offices we created until now, serve various segments of the business, as the case may be:

Cluj Napoca, Romania – head office, offices, main warehouse – new location at the entrance of Highway A3 Cluj-Turda, in Gilau

Bucharest, Romania – cross-docking warehouse, offices

Köln, Germany – cross-docking warehouse, offices

Nijmegen, Netherlands – cross-docking warehouse, offices

Our People.

People are the most important resource in your company.
They create value for our clients and for our company.
Together we grow every day.


“I am proud and happy to work
with dedicated and inspired people.
Together we build the future
of transport.”


“Our commitment for high quality
service is recognized and awarded
in the transport industry.
Our people deserve all the applauses.”