Routier Transport

Offer Conditions

Conditions relating to offers issued by Routier European Transport SRL and its entities, hereinafter referred to as RET or Routier European Transport.

  1. The validity of the rates is mentioned above the rate tables and are mentioned in euro (€), unless explicitly stated otherwise;
  2. All rates mentioned are based as stated below;

1 loading meter                                                      Max.        1850kg.

1 cube                                                                     Max.        330kg.

1 euro pallet non-stackable (80x120cm)               Max.        740kg.

1 euro pallet stackable                                           Max.        350kg.

1 industrial pallet non-stackable (100x120cm)      Max.        925kg.

1 industrial pallet (stackable)                                 Max.        450kg.

If the weights should deviate from the above-mentioned calculation models, the conversion to the highest paying weight is always based on the conversion to the highest paying weight.

  1. All rates mentioned are based on current ferry, shuttle, train, road toll, labor prices, and European currency exchange rates; any price modifications reserved;
  2. All rates mentioned are exclusive of VAT (if applicable), fuel surcharges, customs fees or customs documentation, cross-dock charges, cool and A.D.R. surcharges;
  3. Fuel surcharge: agreed separately, with the exception of spot/day prices where it is explicitly stated that the price includes diesel.
  4. We reserve the right to review offered pricing, should actual volumes differ fundamentally from the initial projection;
  5. Our offers are based on availability of transport capacity.
  6. All rates are based on 1 loading and 1 unloading address; For any extra loading and / or unloading address added after departure, € 150.00 per address is charged; additional kilometers over 10 km will be charged at € 1,40/km.
  7. Loading and delivery takes place on working days between 08:00 – 18:00h.

For time slots or fixed times of arrival at loading or destination, a surcharge applies:

Time slot duration:

< 1 hour or fixed time: € 80.-

< 2 hours: € 45.-

< 5 hours: € 25.-

< 8 hours: included

Loading or unloading in weekend or on public holiday: € 295.-

Loading/ unloading assisted or made by the driver: € 30.- light goods or normal goods;

€ 50.- heavy or ADR goods

  1. Loading / Unloading Time:

Part loads: 0,1 up to 6 Loading meter: Rates are inclusive of 1 hours free for loading and 1 hour free for unloading.

Part loads: > 6 loading meter – up to FTL: Rates are inclusive of 2 hours free loading and unloading.

Extra time will be charged at € 45,- per hour (rounded up per 15 minutes) with a maximum of €450,- per working day. Additional operational costs due to a delay (train-, ferry rebooking and cancelations, etc.) will be charged.

  1. All rates mentioned are based on week days from Monday till Friday. During weekends a surcharge is applicable on top of the mentioned rate of 40%, with a maximum of € 350.-, unless explicitly stated and confirmed otherwise;
  2. In case of a stacked rate agreed otherwise, the minimum of a stacked rate equals the maximum of the previous stacked rate;
  3. Bookings:

All orders have to be confirmed in writing no later than Day A minus 2 before 14:00h (Day A = Loading date, excluding weekend)

No show: The loading of the truck must commence within 1 hour. If not commenced within the 1 hour; the freight is considered no show, the truck will depart and the client has to rebook the cargo. No show cargo will be charged at 100% of the total transport price;


LTL orders that are cancelled after 11:59h on day of loading will be charged with 75% of the total transport price;

FTL orders that are cancelled 5 hours (or less) prior to the agreed loading time will be charged with 75% of the total transport price; Orders that are cancelled after the agreed loading time will be charged with 100% of the total transport price

  1. Trailer rent (stand equipment): € 45,- per day (weekends excluded). Delivery and recollection transport costs to be calculated separately and to be invoiced on date of delivery.
  2. In case not specified a Dangerous goods (A.D.R.) surcharge of 15% on the rate is applied, with a minimum of €250,-; Dangerous goods Class 1 and 7 are excluded and on request only.
  3. All rates are based on the logical unrestricted routing. If a shipment, due to its characteristics (dimensions, dangerous goods (A.D.R.) etc.), generates unexpected operational costs (alternate train departures, crossing, permits, additional mileage, changed departure/transit/waiting time etc.), we reserve the right to modify the rate for this transport;
  4. Shipment size standard is based on maximum 13.60 m length, 2.64m height and maximum 2.45m width or unless specified. Mega Trailer maximum 13.60 m length, 2.98m height and maximum 2.45m width. Maximum loading weight 24.500 kg. Pallet places: 33 euro pallets/ 26 block pallets. Trailers are equipped with straps (500 daN), anti-slip mats. Protection corners on request. For any shipments outside these measures a different calculation may be applicable; please request a price in advance with your account manager or at
  5. Any deviation from the conditions in this appendix will only be accepted when agreed and confirmed in writing prior to the execution of any transport order.
  6. All rates are based on Routier European Transport published schedules. We reserve the right to update the schedule during the year and depending on actual volumes;
  7. All outstanding invoices needs to be insured by our credit insurance; therefore, a positive credit limit is mandatory before entering into an agreement.
  8. Terms of payment: within 30 days after invoice date;
  9. Any queries regarding the invoice should be raised within 14 days of receiving the invoice, after which period, the invoice will be deemed correct;
  10. The booked quantity is the minimum quantity that will be invoiced;
  11. ‘Charges collect’-shipments’ and ‘Bank-shipments’ will not be accepted, unless a written agreement between both parties has been made;
  12. Invoices are sent via a PDF file to the designated email address of the customer. For additional hard copy invoices an administration fee of € 25,- per hard copy invoice is applicable.
  13. The proof of delivery (POD) is sent with the invoice. For additional hard copy POD an administration fee of € 25,- per hard copy invoice is applicable.
  14. System to system data sharing, will require a signed data protection clause by client and is limited to standardized formats of Routier European Transport only. Eventual implementation costs are for the account of client.
  15. Routier European Transport reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at a rate of 5% per year from the date the invoice(s) became due.
  16. Routier European Transport cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from cybercrime such as, for example, hacking, pinching, data leaks or ransomwares attacks.
  17. On international multimodal, cross-border carriage of goods the “United Nations Convention on international Multimodal Transport of Goods” applies.
  18. On international road, cross-border carriage of goods the “Convention relative au contract de transport international de Merchandises par Route” applies, also known as the C.M.R. regulation.
  19. The shipper is responsible for the timely availability of the shipments in accordance with the loading information submitted in the final order;
  20. Consolidation loads, as per our schedule are based on consolidation vehicles, for which we cannot guarantee exact loading and / or unloading times; given transit times are for reference.
  21. Any shipments containing Dangerous Goods (A.D.R.) have to be known in advance by means of a written pre-advice including specific details on the type of Dangerous Goods (A.D.R.).
  22. The shipper is responsible for the correct and complete Dangerous Goods Declaration in accordance with the applicable A.D.R. regulation. Without prejudice to our other rights, Routier European Transport has the right to decline loading and transporting the ordered cargo in case of non-compliance with the aforesaid.
  23. The shipper is responsible to load the correct weight in order to avoid overweight of the truck, taking in account the lay-out of the equipment and with a correct weight distribution taking into account the maximum axle load.
  24. The customer declares to reimburse and hold harmless Routier European Transport for all and any claims and damages, including operational costs, fines and fees in case of incomplete or incorrect provided documentation & Routier European Transport will add a minimum administrative fee of € 100 per incident.
  25. Routier European Transport reserves the right to amend future commercial transport conditions in the event that the next phases of the EU Mobility package affect the requirements or operations of these services. The next phase of these guidelines will commence in 2022. Routier European Transport has the right to amend future commercial transport conditions in case the implementation of these guidelines will result in a cost increase.